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Amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 Plus Camera Tips and Tricks

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 was recently launched in India.The brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 was recently launched in India.
Samsung,as we all know is always loved by the people for it’s vast camera features.

People are already impressed by Samsung for it’s existing camera features but we kid you not,the new Samsung Galaxy S8 has taken it to another level.

Below we have listed some of the most interesting and bizarre camera features in this new model of the Galaxy series:

1) Selective Focus: Have you ever wondered whether the flower is more beautiful or it’s background? Don’t worry,Galaxy S8 comes with the “Selective Focus” option.With this feature you can click the picture of the flower or background in focus and also both together in focus.Near focus allows you to focus on the flower,far focus on the background and pan focus maintains focus on both of them.

2) Pre-click Video: Some clicks are perfectly planned and perfectly captured but sometimes our imperfections lead to perfect captures.How great would it be if we could treasure even the imperfections. Samsung heard you! You can now record a short video before clicking the picture .Just tap on the yellow video icon while taking photos.

3) Moving Camera Button: The new Samsung Galaxy has a wide and tall 5.8 inch display.Clicking photos can become difficult if you always have to stretch your fingers all over the screen to reach the camera button.Samsung made this problem vanish by adding the float feature to the camera button.Long tap the camera button and move it anywhere along the screen till wherever you are comfortable.

4) Camera Modes to Home Screen: Everyone has a favorite filter in which we get our best pictures.Now,every time you wish to click a picture you don’t need to change the filter settings all over again.All you need to do is tap the three dot menu in the top right corner of the screen and select “Add to Home Screen”.   Voila! Your favorite filter is on your Home Screen.

5) Voice detection: Tired of clicking the camera button to capture pictures? Samsung Galaxy S8 to the rescue!   This new awesome feature lets you click pictures on hearing the words like “Cheese”,”Smile” and “Capture”.   This feature will be a great help to selfie stick users who can now capture pictures with just a “Smile”.

6) Palm Detection: Another aid to selfie stick fans! Now you can click selfies by just showing your hand to the front camera.   This new feature now helps you to click better and perfect selfies even from “one hand distance”.   Thank You Samsung!

7) Pro mode: Tired of all the existing filters? Now with new Galaxy S8 you can create your own filters! Yes,you heard us right!   Switch to Pro mode and you can create and save your own filters.Also you can adjust focus manually once you switch to Pro mode.

8) Extra features: Do you think the in-built features in the new Galaxy S8 are not enough?Well,Samsung has more planned for you!   You can add even more paid features from the store to your S8 camera.These include features such as animated gifs creator and many more.

9) One Swipe Operation: We all have experienced this at least once:trying to click someone’s picture,you see your own image staring back at you,and then struggle to switch the cameras.   You are now freed from this struggle!You can now simply flip from front to back cameras and vice versa by just a single top to bottom slide on the screen.Yes,it is that simple!

10) Super easy zoom: Pinching the screen to zoom in and zoom out can be a tiresome task to do.Zooming in while trying to zoom out can take frustration to a new level.   Galaxy S8 now turns the shutter button into a zoom control.Move the shutter button up to zoom in and move it down to zoom out.   This feature has helped people avoid the chances of ruining perfect pictures.

11) Auto-focus on moving objects: Sometimes setting focus on stationary objects can be a weary task.And when it comes to setting focus on moving objects it requires super-human effort.   Samsung is here to save your efforts!   Galaxy S8 comes with the feature of auto-focus which will help you capture the whole “cute” act of your child without losing any “focus”.

With these amazing camera features capture your priceless moments in your Samsung Galaxy S8!

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