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Android Apps Cloner to Clone Other Apps

In today’s world, many people prefer keeping two separate accounts or multiple accounts. There could be many reasons of having multiple accounts like some users would like to keep their business account separate from their personal account or many personal reasons could be there.

While nowadays many apps support multiple accounts but most popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp still doesn’t allow you to use multiple accounts simultaneously on a single smartphone.

If you are completely fed up of logging in-out again and again just to use multiple accounts and want a permanent solution of it then your searching ends here. Here are four apps which let run multiple instances of the same application simultaneously. And the best thing is not only apps but games too. It is such easy to use that you can easily switch between them and they won’t clash with each other.

  • Parallel Space

It is one of the most popular cloning apps on internet. By using Parallel Space, you can clone any Android app you wish to. Another good thing is that you can use different themes for style.

You just have to download and install it from Google Play Store. After installation, you will see Plus (+) sign which enable you to select the app you want to clone. It allows easy switching between multiple accounts and one of its best feature is that it protects your privacy by using incognito mode. The cloned app will be automatically updated when you update the original app.


  • 2Face

It is another amazing application which provides you app cloning facility. It was introduced by CleanMaster. As compared to other apps, it is quite easy to use and a good battery saver too. It will provide you separate notifications of your multiple accounts. It can clone most of the apps you use. Another exciting feature is that is supports complete incognito mode for web browsing. You will also get a private browsing space which can easily be protected using a pattern lock.


  • 2Accounts

When it comes to privacy, 2Accounts will never upset you as it allows you to have separate security lock for all the parallel accounts you have used. This app is made by Excelliance Technology. 2Accounts helps you clone apps and also run multiple accounts with different storage. But, it suffers with a single drawback that it doesn’t create its icon on the home screen. As a result, you will have to open 2Accounts every time you want to run clone apps.


  • App Cloner

App cloner doesn’t support all apps. It’s little bit selective. But the good thing is it is the most customizable app as compared to other apps. Its main features include customization of various icon that are visible in the app drawer also app lock and Google Drive support. It also offers options to change the colour of app icon to differentiate between original and cloned apps. It also supports Android Wear apps and multi Window support for devices like Samsung and LG phones.


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