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Apps that Translate Instantly Using Phone Camera

Apps That translate text instantly using your Smartphones Camera 

Are you a travel bug? Do you like long trips to new places, countries etc. Then you must have faced issues in understanding different languages. You may have different apps to translate sentences into any foreign language but isn’t it difficult when it comes to long sentences or paragraphs? Also, it is quite irritating like every time take out your phone and type every single sentence just to understand its meaning.
But now, the scenario has changed. Translation has become very easy. Live translators take translation apps to the next level because they use your camera to understand foreign text and translate it right in front of your eyes. It saves lots of time and is simply amazing.
Live translators will be used so frequently if you have several foreign trips in a month or you if you have wanderlust. It will help you in restaurants to read menu items written in distinct language, you can easily read sign boards using Live Translators. While shopping you can use it to translate instruction manuals.
Let’s see the top apps which uses Live Translators which are compatible with Android and iOS both.

Google Translate

Google Translate obtained WordLens which is one of the pioneers in live camera translation. Google Translate helps you to translate languages even without internet connection. You just need to download offline language package. This is the most important to have if you are a traveller.

To use this app, you just download and install the Google Translate app in your Android or iOS phone. Then open it and tap on the Camera icon. Just hold your camera up to a text or paragraph you want to translate, it will translate it in less than a minute. You can also save a picture for later use by pressing the shutter button.
You can easily download Google Translate from Google Play Store and App Store.

Microsoft Translator

It is also a famous translating app which supports nearly half of the languages supported by Google Translate. It is powered by cutting-edge technology which is also used by Bing, Skype, Internet Explorer as well as by partners such as Twitter, eBay etc. It is the smoother to use. You can see alternate meanings and translations of word. Also, you can share your translation with other apps.
Just download the app from App Store or Google Play Store and install it. After installation, just open the app and tap the camera icon to start. Unlike live translating the text, you first require to take its picture. And then your translation is done.
It is also available for free in App Store and Google Play Store.

Waygo is another app used for live translations. It works as fast as Google Translate. It only translates from Korean, Japanese or Chinese to English. It can do maximum 10 translations per day using Waygo app, but can update it using some in-app purchases.
Download and install the app in your smartphone, then open the app and select the language you’re translating from. Then just above the shutter button, select content you want to translate. It helps camera to adjust accordingly.
It can be downloaded for free with in-app purchases from the Google Play Store and App Store.


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