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Beats Studio Wireless vs Solo 3 Best Comparison

Studio Wireless Headphones is the most high-priced Beats Headphones. It has not received any update. Its value is $379.95 which is obviously not easily purchasable and is quite expensive.

On the other hand, the recently updated Solo 3 Headphones by Apple/Beats has some new features like it battery lasts longer and the Apple AirPods. The features include company’s W1 chip. It offers notable working and connectivity advantage over the Solo 2. At $299.95, it is also a bit expensive.

Since the Solo 3 is current among both, are they better from older but costlier Studio Wireless Headphones? Let’s see.

Solo 3 W1 Chip

With the Apple’s W1 chip, Solo 3 offers more benefits than the Studio Wireless Headphones. It helps managing large battery life on a single charge, can identify whether you’re speaking or listening, enhance sound quality and manages switching between calls and music.

It simplifies pairing with Apple gadgets and also supports exceptional long battery life to the wireless headphones. Its battery lasts nearly 39 hours long before requiring recharge and is almost unmatchable in the headphones field. On the other hand, the Studio Wireless only contains 10-12 hours of playback.

You can have most of its benefits if you are an iOS user, for Android it can be used with the traditional Bluetooth pairing process. The Studio Wireless Headphones also use Bluetooth pairing. Like firstly click on the main connecting/pairing button, then wait till it activates, then move to “Bluetooth Settings” etc.

On the other hand, for Solo3 you just need to activate the headphones and put it near your iOS device. Then you will be able to see a pairing card and all you have to do is just tap the confirm button. That’s all, you are done!

Sound Quality

Beats headphones the only name which is  known for their superb sound quality. It has accentuated lows, forward Mids and decent highs. It is a great combination when it comes to hip hop, dubstep etc. But it falls short of sufficient for Classical, rock or jazz. But great for genres like hip hop. However, when it comes to reviews, the reviews of Solo3 are quite favourable globally. Usually, you should not be too anxious about the sound quality for Solo3 headphones.

Now, come to Studio Wireless headphones. It was last updated in 2014. Since then, it hasn’t been updated. Still it never had more sound quality problems as compared to other headphones. They also include noise cancelling features and are heavy on bass.

Built and Design : On-Ear vs Over-Ear

From the view point of comfort, the Studio Wireless are more pleasant. The Beats Solo3 are on-ear headphones and the Studio Wireless headphones are over-ear. The Studio Wireless Headphones are quite big so that they can completely wrap around your ears whereas the Beats Solo3 earcups rest against your ears. As a result, the Studio Wireless headphones which are over-ear headphones, are more comfortable to use because they don’t put burden on the ears. They also isolate outside noises.

However, there are some properties which are common it both headphones like both have dispatchable audio cable if you prefer wired listening, you can easily wrap them and put them inside the provided cases, both have hidden control button around the logo and logo as the pairing button.


By going through above comparisons, you can easily choose better headphones based on your own preferences.

It looks like Solo3 headphones are better option than Studio Wireless headphones because of its stunning battery life and easy connectivity with other Apple devices. The sound quality of both the devices is okay and is fairly balanced. The sole reason for which one can prefer Studio Wireless is the comfort level.


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