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Best Indian Web Series on YouTube – Must Watch

If you are having some free time and are completely bored from unrealistic TV shows, then you must watch some web-series which are filled with humour and are quite compelling. Over the years, the web series producers have come up with some of the best web based series which are much more relatable to youth. So, to pass your spare time and make your weekends more interesting, check out these web based series immediately.

  • TVF Pitchers

The Indian web-series TVF Pitchers, which was bought into existence by The Viral Fever composed of five episodes and was launched in 2015. The story revolves around four young professionals who discontinue their jobs to launch their own company. After watching every single episode, you will be left curious about next.


  • Bang Baaja Baaraat

The story follows the lives of two persons who meet and soon decide to get married. But as it is said, when everything is jolly and good, life has a struggle in store for you. Their decision changes their life all around as they cannot survive with the added family pressure. Will everything be fine?


  • Tripling

Divorced and jobless Chandan arrives at Mumbai to see his brother Chitvan where he meets Chanchal and an unplanned road trip begins. Chanchal is pretending to be pregnant and Chitvan is broke, the trio find comfort in the journey and later realize that the trip of a life has only one landing-place. Home.


  • I.SHA

A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend is a sci-fi thriller web series by Arre. It came from the renowned production of Raghu Ram. The first series contains seven episodes and is a must watch for science fiction lovers. The story goes around a genius web developer and his girlfriend who is nothing but an artificial intelligence created by him. Things go for worse when his girlfriend develops her own mind.


  • All About Section 377

The story follows the life of a straight guy who lives with two gay guys. The series depicts the struggles faced by the people of LGBT community in Indian society. The issues handled by his flatmates teaches him lessons and is directed to educate people about the condition.


  • Baked

If you miss your college days then you must watch this web-series as it will take you to those days back. The plot is about the three Delhi University flatmates who opened up a midnight food delivery service. The challenges faced by them while managing student life with business is the most amazing part of the series.


  • Not Fit

It is India’s first mocumentary web-series about a struggling actor in Mumbai, and his challenges to make his mark in the entertainment industry.


  • Love Shots

A must-watch for all the die-hard romantics, Love Shots is a web-series consists of set of six amusing love stories in different cultures of India. It depicts a beautiful picture of love.


  • Ladies Room

It is a story of two besties Khanna and Dingo and shows their adventures from six different loos. They will give you ultimate friendship goals with never ending laughter and fun.


  • Love, Life and Screw Ups

It is a youth based show with romantic comedy. The plot of the show is grand and expensive.


  • Man’s World

Just imagine if the roles of women and men were interchanged. Isn’t it scary? This series will tell you about it. There is a man who is completely fed up of the way society favours women more than the men and prays to interchange. But what follows his player will leave you puzzled and excited.


  • Alisha

This story revolves around a fashion crazy girl who is trying to make it big in the fashion industry. This is a mysterious story of a girl who moves to Mumbai from Los Angeles to pursue her dreams and her extraordinary adventures.


  • Life Sahi Hai

The series follows the story of four carefree friends who move to New Delhi, they are all different nature when it comes to women. The four bachelors who moved to Delhi to live independently faces different challenges with women. The series is quite hilarious and is a must watch for bachelors.


  • Official Chukyagiri

This story is about a young intern who belongs to a middle-class family. With his big dreams, he enters corporate world with daily challenges. Will he leave his morals and ethics in order to make it big in the professional world?


  • I Don’t Watch TV

This is a story of a TV star who involves in a drunken rant in an after party. The story further unfolds his journey through the twisted and heavily constipated world of television industry.


  • Love Bytes

If you love romantic stories then this series is undoubtedly a must watch for you. The story is about a couple Ananya and Abhishek who are in live-in-relation and are very much in love. As both come from different cultures and traditions, will their love survive?


  • Girl in The City

The story revolves around a 21 years old girl who is fashion crazy and wants to leave her mark in the fashion industry. The series is about the struggles faced by her in order to live her dreams.


  • Chai Sutta Chronciles

Chai Sutta Chronciles is a TVF’s creation and shows conversations they have while having tea along with cigarettes.


  • Chinese Bhasad

Chinese Bhasad is not available on YouTube but it is a must watch for comedy lovers. The story is about the difficulties faces by an Indian boy and a Chinese girl when they both wish to marry each other.


  • Sinskaari

This is an adult chat show hosted by Alok Nath. In this show, he will interview the guests’ celebrity and talk about their deep secrets including their views on pre-marital sex and sexual exploits.


  • Starting Up

A techie from US and an Indian bride are brought together by marriage. Will they be able to make both ends meet?


  • Shaadi Boys

This is a story about three friends and their hilarious journey when they get into a wedding business. They find a perfect way to showcase their talent to earn big bucks and score chicks.


  • The Trip

This story revolves around four girlfriends who go on a road trip to Thailand. As the story proceeds it turns into an emotional roller coaster.


  • Black Sheep

Living in a middle-class family, a young boy drops his engineering to pursue his dream “Stand-up comedy”. Will he succeed?


  • It Is Not That Simple

A married woman stuck in an unsuccessful and unhappy marriage is invited for a school reunion where she meets her ex-boyfriends.


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