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Best IR Universal Remote Apps for Android

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could control your electronic appliances from any room?

Yes,now you can do this from your Android smart phone! Yes,you heard us right and we are definitely not kidding!

All the electronic appliances these days such as AC,heaters,TVs,cameras etc all come with IR remote control.

If your Android smart phone came with a IR blaster,you can easily use it as a remote control to control and manage all the above mentioned appliances at your home or office!


Here we inform you about the three most popular Android apps that help your smart phone to turn into a IR remote control:


  1. ASmart Remote IR: This app helps you reach your goal of controlling electronic appliances just by sitting in one place.The interface of this app is great and easy to use.This app provides you with an option to combine the appliances of one room under a separate tab.These tabs are then available at the top of the screen and can be switched to and from any time.The most attractive feature of this app is that it provides a virtual AC remote control so that you have access to all the controls.

It also allows you to connect to DSLR cameras as well.

Although,this app comes with some ads,they are not much of a problem if the rest of the stuff is this great.


  1. AnyMote - Smart Remote Control: This app is definitely the best IR remote control app for Android phones.Along with the great interface that it provides ,it also allows you to connect to a great range of appliances which are available on the home page itself.You will rarely come across an appliance which isn’t on the home panel of this app.It also provides you with connectivity to ACs and DSLR cameras in addition to the big home appliances such as TVs,refrigerators etc. It also lets you set some default features such as muting the music system when you are receiving an incoming call.You can also build a customized remote control of your own!(cool stuff!) i.e you can add buttons and other controls according to your requirements.

You can also control smart devices which can be connected through

a WiFi network.


  1. SURE Universal Remote: This app is another option for an IR remote control app.This app has a sidebar in which you have remotes to various devices between which you can switch easily.This app also functions well with WiFi to IR transmitters.The free version of this app comes with some ads but you can always make them go away by purchasing the Pro version for a few dollars.


These are the apps which help you convert your Android smart phone to an IR remote control.But before you try these make sure your appliance has the IR remote and that your Android device has the IR blaster already.

If these are not available in your device you can always use WiFi to IR transmitters!

We hope you will try these apps and get a great performance by all your appliances while you sit only in one place!




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