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Best Offline Shooting Games for Android

Best Offline Shooting Games for AndroidBest Offline Shooting Games for AndroidA fan of action movies? We are sure you would also love to play some games inspired by your favorite movies.Yes, given below is a long-list of action-packed shooting games for Android. The cherry on the top is that all of these can be played offline!
Yes, you do not need an active data connection to win at all these games!

1. Suicide Squad: We are pretty sure you have already watched this movie. And what could be more exciting than playing the game inspired by your favorite action movie? Your players are the characters from the movie, Harley Quinn, Diablo and Deadshot. You need to keep fighting the enemies and the game is on till your players are alive. The farther you go in the game, the higher are your scores. You can also challenge the already ‘high-scorers’ on the dashboard.
2. Mad Bullets: This game comprises of a hierarchy of levels to complete. The game is challenging as well as entertaining , as the name suggests, it is full of madness. You will never strike boredom even at the highest of levels when the levels are really complicated.Also you don’t have to go through the boring tutorials and guidelines to get through the game. The game has a variety of characters such as American Ninjas, Desperadoes, a robot Cowboy, vultures, piranhas and chickens. You will enjoy yourself throughout the game as you need to complete 50 levels set in three different locations.Plus you have 4 mini games and and almost 200 missions to accomplish.

3. Sniper X with Jason Statham: Who isn’t a fan of Jason Statham? Of course, we all are Jason Statham fans here, and wouldn’t it be exciting if you could step into his shoes? Yes, you have a chance, not to fill but at least to follow Jason Statham’s shoes! Yes, we are not kidding! Check out this game ‘Sniper X’. In this game you will be a team member of the ‘Spear’ and your team is led by Jason Statham’s voice under whose guidance you need to accomplish the greatest of all missions.4. N.O.V.A Legacy: You are the lead in this game and will be controlling Kal Wardin and you will have Al Yelena as your assistant.You are together trying to defend and protect the Colonial Administrative forces. There are number of forms your leader Kal Wardin can take by fitting into the skins of various marine aliens.The game can also be played in a multiplayer mode with 6 players in a ‘Deathmatch’. You will also get to choose and upgrade your ordinary   weapons to some really cool stuff like plasma guns , assault rifles and stuff.

5. Lone Wolf: This involving game has it’s plot-line already chalked out. There is a story-line to the entire game which is narrated during the game in the form of a series of animations. Your missions will be allotted to you on the basis of the flow of the story-line. Sniper guns,assault guns,bombs, pistols will be the weapons which you will be using to accomplish your missions.

6. Major Mayhem: You are recently recruited as a Major - Major Mayhem! In this game you control this recently recruited Major Mayhem and help him to rescue his girlfriend who is in the custody of the Forces of Evil. You need to destroy the agents of the Forces of Evil by shooting them, attacking them with grenades etc. This game can be played in 4 different modes which in turn comprise of various mini missions, rewards and accomplishment arranged hierarchically in 45 levels!

7. Cover Fire: In Cover Fire you are leading a team of soldiers against a war with the TetraCorp Corporation. You will be the lead of the team and will be controlling all your fellow soldiers.The soldiers will be chosen by you from a large array available. You can use the powers of the soldiers to accomplish various tasks and missions. You can also control the powers and features of the soldiers working under you by making them stronger,faster and immune to various dangers and traps. Get , set, go as you have 60 missions to get through!

8. Kill Shot Bravo: You need to get through this game all alone! Yes, it is a single player game in which you are the sole shooter. You need to clear about 500 levels/missions to clear the game. You can achieve this by shooting and killing various villians coming your way. They can be in any form imaginable drones, mechs, exo-suits etc. To clear the game you can join other alliances if needed. Also, you can do a make-over for your character with the help of the various character customization options available.

9. Into the Dead: As the name suggests, this game involves dead people aka zombies! Yes, this game is setup in a zombie apocalypse. And all you have to do is let yourself stay alive. Yes, of course, you need to kill the zombies to achieve the same. This game is as good as watching a horror movie on account of it’s fantastic graphics and sound effects. You are also provided with an arsenal of weapons from where you can draw the required powerful equipments to help you stay alive.


10. Hitman: Sniper: You are the protagonist of the game Agent 47,you look through a first-person sniper on your smart-phone. What you need to do is kill the powerful villians standing at the lakeside. But you need to be careful ,while doing so you must not alert their associates. You need some out -of-the box thinking to find ways to kill the targets by fetching something from the surrounding environment. As you go further in the game, you are given access to new and advanced weapons that will help you survive.
So friends, what are you waiting are you waiting for! Get, set, go on an action packed ride with all the above mentioned games.


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