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Bitcoin Price Might Drop up to USD 1150 in September 2017 – Is this True?

Dear Experts,

Can you please let me know if this news is true that Bitcoin price will fall this month to USD 1150 or 75000 INR. I have 5 Bit coin in my hand and want to sell it if this news is true. This is the peak time ever in Bitcoin history that i have seen so far.  So I would love to sell my all bit coin, please advice ?


I don’t want to take any risk since no body controls the price of Bit coins, its virtual and we can be cheat anytime, so i will sell all my bit coins today if this is true ?


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Comments ( 8 )

  1. I have also read this news and sold my all the bit coin yesterday. I am now safe.

  2. Buy some Bitcoin Cash. Segwit is not an upgrade.

  3. Yup, it might fall during 2nd week of September drastically. waiting for tomorrow, will sell all my coin. 🙂

  4. My Brother is play with Bitcoins and other currency as well, this is true. my advice is to just sell it now, its peak time.

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