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Disable WhatsApp Media Files Auto Downloading

Everyone has a smart-phone these days that too, along with WhatsApp installed on it.Most of the communication in today’s times takes place via WhatsApp.

The communication may be in the form of text, images,audio as well as video. WhatsApp is such a popular medium of sharing and receiving information as it provides so many formats to communicate in.

Thus, we have a lot of data which we receive via WhatsApp. Some data maybe useful all of the time while some data needs to be cleared out once you have gone through it. Keeping the unnecessary files and data takes up the space on your device and may also slow it down.

You can delete the WhatsApp data from the ‘File Manager’ on your device and also put a stop to the download of unnecessary content.

Deleting WhatsApp data from the File Manager


  • You can directly delete the data from the WhatsApp folder found in the ‘File Manager’ of your device.
  • You can work with the default File Manager of your device or can even download another app for the same purpose such as ‘ES File Explorer’.
  • You will find the WhatsApp data at the location SD card/WhatsApp/Media or Internal Storage/WhatsApp/Media whichever is your default location.
  • Inside this folder you will find separate folders for the various formats of the data namely Images, Videos, Audios and Others.
  • You can select each item in the respective and delete it or you can delete the entire folder for the data format you want to delete.
  • The folder will be recreated when some new data of the same format is received or downloaded.



Deleting all WhatsApp data

  • The ‘File Manager’ method is feasible when you want to delete the particular data format but if you want to delete the whole WhatsApp from your device you can do it from the ‘Storage Settings’ of your device.
  • Go to the ‘Storage Settings’ and then go to the ‘Misc.’ section and find the ‘WhatsApp’.
  • Below the label ‘WhatsApp’ you will find the amount of space occupied by the data on your device.
  • Check the box against this option and then press the ‘Delete’ button. Your whole WhatsApp data will be deleted in one go!


Preventing Auto Download:

Step 1:Go to the ‘Settings’ of your WhatsApp and then to ‘Chat Settings.’

Step 2: Under this tab you will find option of ‘Media Auto-download’ option. Inside this there are various data formats with check-boxes in front of them.

Step 3: Uncheck the check-boxes in front of all these options(if any are checked).

This will prevent the auto-download of all the file formats.

Thus, in this article you learned how to delete the WhatsApp data from your device and also how to prevent auto-download for various file formats.

Hope these steps and tricks came in handy for you!

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