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How to Find WiFi Password on your Phone

Well, we all need internet almost every time. The reason is all of work being done on our smartphones and also it is there to entertain us with social media, whenever we are free or bored. Not all time, we have our own data pack, most of the people prefer using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi are present almost everywhere nowadays. However, they are of no use if you don’t know the password. Once you know the password, you can easily use Wi-Fi service as long as password is saved in your device. But what if you accidentally tap the “forget” option or your friends also need Wi-Fi access or you desperately need WiFi you were previously connected to? Well, there could be many situations. In such scenarios, you can ask other people for password also but why disturb them if you can retrieve it from your own mobile phone.

This is a very useful thing to know as it might help you in situations where you urgently need internet access. Below are few methods using which you can recover the password of your previously connected Wi-Fi. One thing to keep in mind is that these methods only works on rooted Android devices and jailbroken iOS devices.

To get the password you first need to gain admin access because this information is in the system folder of the device. Therefore, it is necessary for the Android device to be rooted and iOS device to be jailbroken.

Now, look at the steps for retrieving passwords for Android and iOS respectively.

To get the Password for Android

Firstly, open a system file on Android. Please remember that you cannot open the file using pre-installed File Explorer. To open a system file on your Android device, you will have to use ES File Explorer. There is a separate process to view or edit system files on Android using ES File Explorer. Now, move to the root folder in ES File Explorer where you will come across a directory named as “data”. Then move to data/misc/wifi folder and you will see a file called wpa_supplicant.conf. You just need to tap on the file, it will open. Note that you use ES File Explorer’s built-in text/HTML viewer for the job. When the file is opens, you will be able to see the network SSID and their corresponding passwords. You can easily search your network name and write the password anywhere to remember it. Then close the file.

Note – Don’t edit any contents in the file.

You will find many apps on Play Store for this task but it is better to use this method.

Getting Password on iOS

To get things done on iOS you need to install a tweak named as “NetworkList from Cydia”. Please make sure your iOS device is jailbroken. After installation, you just need to move to Wi-Fi Settings of your device where you will see a new button as “Network Passwords”. If you are an iOS 7 user then the button will be named as “Known Networks”. Now, you just have to tap on this button and you will be able to see all the Wi-Fi passwords which are stored on your device.

You can write it down using pen and paper or store it in memos or you can memorize it but you can’t copy it directly to your clipboard

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