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How to Lock Apps on Android

We all need to protect the data in our mobile phones, that’s the reason we provide security to our phones in the form of patterns,pins and passwords.


The real need of this protection if for the apps that carry sensitive data in our phones such as access to our messages, e-mails, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. These are the applications on our phones that are in real need of protection.


Isn’t it ridiculous that we use a password, pin or pattern for the entire phone while we can still protect our data by just locking some important apps mentioned above.


So, here we bring to you the Android application which imparts you the facility of using passwords for only some selected apps:


Smart Protector App:

Smart Protector App is one of the best when it comes to apps which allow you to protect some particular applications on your mobile phone. It is a free software application available on the internet .You need to download the app and launch it on your Android device.


Once the app is launched, you can change the password from the ‘Password and Pattern Settings’ from the ‘three-line’ menu in the top right corner of the screen. The default password for the app is 7777. Also you can switch between passwords i.e alpha-numeric ones and pins.


Once done with all this, now comes the real important stuff of protecting the apps, about which this whole effort is all about!


On going back to the home screen, you will be able to see some tabs on the top of the screen.

Select the ‘Running’ tab and then press ‘Add’. You will now be provided with a list of the apps on your phone from which you must select the apps you want to protect and close the Smart Protector App.




You are done! Trying opening the apps which you selected from the above list. You will be asked for a password/pin whichever you set, for accessing the app.


Ever thought it could be this easy?

Forgot Password?

These days, we all have so many online accounts that it becomes a difficult task to remember the passwords for all of our accounts!


Smart Protector App is ‘smart’ indeed. It provides you a way out, if you forget your password.


What you need to do is, after setting the password/pin/pattern, you go to the ‘Lock Initialization’ tab in the Smart Protector App. Under this tab you will find number of ways of retrieve your password. Out of all these options, the ‘Question and Answer’ method works the best. It works as follows:


You set a security question whose answer is known only by you(for obvious reasons). When you forget the password, you must enter the correct answer to this question. If you enter the appropriate answer, the app confirms your identity and sets the password to the default value of 7777.

Now, again follow the procedure of changing the password to for the apps, as did earlier.


Another additional feature which the Smart Protector App provides is that if you enter the wrong password five times, the ‘Question’ will pop-up automatically! Isn’t that cool!



We hope this article solved your issue of locking up the phone for the mere sake of some apps. Now be tension-free as you don’t need to draw a pattern on your phone to check what time it is!


And the protection of all your sensitive data is a cherry

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