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How to Fix the Error of DTS AC3 in MX Player

Almost Android smart phones today have MX Player installed on them.This is because it has the best of all features which a media player must possess.

But recently the Player is not providing the required features which were previously supported by it.
The player now does not support some codecs for audio formats such as DTS/AC3/MLP etc.

With the removal of this feature,when beginning to play a video with these audio format files,the viewer gets an error message “Audio format not supported”.The video plays but without any sound track.

This tells us that the codec for this format is not present in the device and needs to be downloaded and installed.

Here,we have a series of some simple and very easy steps to help you fix this error:

Step 1: Launch the MX Player app on your Android device.Open the main menu and go to Settings.

Step 2: From the various options which are displayed in a list format select the “Decoder” option.
Under this you will find the ‘Custom Codec’ option which will provide you with the name of the codec which is required by your device.
You need to download this codec and add it to the MX Player in your device.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the codec make sure it is stored in the internal storage of your device.If not you must move tthe codec file into the internal storage.

Step 4: If the codec is compatible with your MX Player it will detect the codec automatically.The player will ask for a restart,press OK

Step 5: Sometimes the MX Player might not detect the compatible codec automatically and you may have to do the same manually.

Now all you have to do is go to the Main Menu then to Settings and under the settings you will find the Decoder option.

Step 6: Now,in the Decoder section click on the Custom Codec option and a message will pop up.
Click YES and let the MX Player restart.

Now,after the execution of the above simple steps you can now watch your favourite videos without any error!

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