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How to Transfer Whatsapp Data from Iphone to Android for Free

It has always been a dream for smart phone users to switch from Android devices to the iPhone.It has always been a dream for smart phone users to switch from Android devices to the iPhone.
But these days we can see the things are working the other way round.There could be a myriad of reasons for this switch which we cannot define in particular.
People who are not satisfied with their iPhone performance seem quite happy and satisfied when they switch from their iPhone to Android.
But the real trouble arises when it comes to transferring crucial and tons of data from the iPhone to Android device.
Below are some incredibly simple and easy to get through steps that will help you transfer your WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android:

1. Transferring data using iPhone Backup Browser:
Step 1: First of all take a backup of all the data on your phone or the data which you want to transfer through iTunes.While doing so,make sure the data is not encrypted.
Step 2: Now download and install iPhone Backup Browser app on your iPhone.
Step 3: In the iPhone Backup Browser find the backup file you created via the iTunes and open it.
Step 4: Once you are done with this,what you have to do is find the (-) sign and click on it.Search for the file named ChatStorage.sqlite and extract the contents of this to a folder.This file contains the text versions of all your WhatsApp chats and data.
Step 5: Above steps will only help you get the data of only the conversations on WhatsApp.If you wish to take the backup for the rest of the media files you need to perform some additional steps.
Look for the group with the name net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.This group will be holding the media files for your WhatsApp account.Now you need to extract the data from these files and store them under the Library/Media storage.
Step 6: Next you have to transfer all the data to the internal memory of your Android device with the help of a data cable or by whichever means you are comfortable.
Step 7: Now,launch after downloading the WazzapMigrator App on your Android device.The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore,but the free version only helps in the extraction of text files.To be able to extract and transfer the media files as well,you need to download the paid version of the app.You can get the paid app for $2.99.The time required for the extraction process depends on the size of the data,but must not take more than 2 hours.
Step 8: The database will be automatically detected but manual browsing of the data is needed to be recognized by the app.
Step 9: Once all the above steps are accomplished,all you need to do is press on the Play button.This will create a WhatsApp backup file which is readable by Android.
Step 10: The task is almost complete now.All that is left to be done is install WhatsApp on your Android device and retrieve the local data when the verification of your phone number is in process.
Great!Though by putting some tremendous efforts,now you are able to access your WhatsApp data on your Android device which was previously on your iPhone!

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