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Jaybird X2 vs X3 Bluetooth Earbuds Differences

Some years back, when the bluetooth Jaybird X2 earbuds set their foot into the market, they just walked all over the market.

They were the best ever bluetooth earbuds, the best and clear choice for athletes and gym-goers.

But as they say, there is always room for improvement. Thus recently the earbuds market saw the entry of Jaybird X3 bluetooth earbuds!

Though the basic build for both of these earbuds is the same, some features have been added to the brand new Jaybird X3.


Given below are the key additions or difference between the father-son pair of Jaybird X series:

  • The brand new Jaybird X3 are now reduced to a smaller size as compared to its predecessor. This shrinking of the earbuds will help maintain the comfort in the ear and also prevent the earbuds from sticking out of the ear. So, these won’t slip off your ears ,ideal for winter athletes, ice skaters and snow boarders.


  • Jaybird X3 can now connect with the MySound app. This app allows you to change the equalizer settings according to your needs and create your own sound profile. You can create more than one sound profile, save them and switch between them at any point of time.

Also you can use the various previously created profiles by some great athletes like Jesse Thomas and Lauren Fleshman.

And you need not change these sound profile settings every time you switch between the connected devices. Even if you switch between the devices the sound profile setting is retained.

  • Jaybird X3 is now compatible with the Bluetooth 4.1! The earlier X2 was compatible with Bluetooth 2.1.

Bluetooth 4.1 is much more energy efficient than 2.1 and thus giving

You longer music hours.

Also it comes up with some great additional features like connectivity to multiple devices simultaneously without unpairing the others.

In the X2 earbuds you had to wait until the battery was dead to know the ‘battery status’ ,but with the new Bluetooth 4.1 and Jaybird X3 you can see the battery status of the earbuds on your connected iPhone or Android device!

  • Against all the above advancements, the Jaybird X3 has one downside to it. It now comes with a proprietary charger. It doesn’t support the micro-USB charging cable as the X2 did. Even if you want to use a USB cable for charging , you must use the clip provided for the sake of compatibility. And once you lose this clip or damage it in any manner, you are done with the earbuds.

You must also be careful as to not lose the charger or the clip!

So, these were the pros and cons of the new Jaybird X3 bluetooth earbuds.

Even with all these added advancements in it’s design, the Jaybird X3 costs less, only as much as $129.95 as compared to the $179.95 price of the Jaybird X2 when they were out at first.

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