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Jaybird X3 vs PowerBeats3 Wireless Headphones

We all need some motivation to pump us up during our workout!

What is better than a good pair of headphones with your favorite workout playlist playing?

It is even better if the headphones are wireless rather than being wired.

Here we will be comparing and discussing about the two contenders for the title of ‘Best Workout Wireless Headphones.

The two names are ‘PowerBeats’ and ‘Jaybird X3’!




  • Which quality do you need the most in a pair of workout headphones? Yes, it is definitely sweat or water resistant. Fortunately, PowerBeats3 fulfills this requirement.
  • PowerBeats3 uses a Micro-USB for it’s charging purpose and thus making it easy to charge and carry at any point of time.
  • PowerBeats has a great battery of 12 hours once fully charged. Also you get an extra hour of music even when you just charge it for only 5 minutes before leaving your house.
  • PowerBeats3 come with a stellar battery which is available only with some Apple products. The stellar battery is present on account of the Apple W1 chip.
  • This Apple W1 chip battery is the reason why these headphones exhibit excellent connectivity with any of the Apple devices be it an iPad, iPhone or a Mac. If you just hold your device somewhere to these Apple products your device will automatically will ask for establishing a connection.

 Also you can switch the connection between any of the two devices available without much effort and also instantly.

  • You can establish a connection with nearby Android devices as well or any other bluetooth compatible device. Though you may not enjoy the experience with that like an Apple device but still at least you can connect.
  • Also,these come with four silicon ear-tips of different sizes which help you adjust the fit of the earphones in your ears.


Jaybird X3:


  • The Jaybird X3 are sweat and water resistant which help you get through your workout session without any conscious worrying of wetting the earphones.
  • Jaybird X3 come with a charger of their own and are not compatible with any other charging devices . Thus, you need to handle the charger with utmost care as you cannot afford to lose them!
  • Jaybird X3 have an excellent battery life of 8 full hours of playing music. Though not at par with that of PowerBeats3’s 12 hour long battery, but is quite sufficient for workout enthusiasts. Also to get an extra hour of listening you need to charge these for about 15 minutes which was accomplished in just 5 minutes with PowerBeats3.
  • If you don’t like the sound from the buds of these earphones you can adjust and customize the sound settings according to your needs via the MySound app. The changes made are retained even when the connectivity is switched between various devices.
  • The design of the earphones is such that you can wear the earphones from over the ear or under the ear according to your preference.
  • Jaybird X3 come with three silicon ear-tips and three foam based ear-tips in different sizes. Foam based tips avoid any hurting to your ears and also prevent the earphones from falling off from the ear.


So folks, this was all about the two trending workout headphones Jaybird X3 and PowerBeats3. Both these headphones provide you with comfort and facilities which is best in their own way.

We listed our for you their features and pros and cons to help you decide which one to choose!

Hope this article was of a great help to you in solving your dilemma of choosing among the Jaybird X3 and PowerBeats3, the most trending and popular workout earphones.

Hope you choose what is best for you!



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