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How to Make Caller Picture Full Screen On Android

‘Make It Big’ is the motto these days. Same formula is applied to the screens of our smart phones.


We all have added ‘Contact Pictures’ to the profiles of our saved contacts in our smart phones. The picture serves as a caller ID. Whenever the person calls you, his/her photo is displayed on the screen. But would you like it if the size of the photo doesn’t justify the 5” screen of your smart phone.


Of course ,you wouldn’t!


Don’t worry folks! We are here to the rescue. We have for you an amazing app for Android users which will give you a full screen display of the ‘contact picture’ as the caller ID whenever you receive a call.


The app is called ‘Ultimate Caller Screen’.To get the app to work you need to follow the extremely easy steps given below:


Step 1: Find the app ‘Ultimate Caller Screen’ on the Google Play Store and download it on your Android device.


Step 2: Make sure that you have downloaded or stored the images you want to set as the called ID on your Android device either on the SD card or in the internal memory.


Step 3: When you launch the app on your Android device, you will be on the ‘Settings’ screen. Here, select the option ‘Contact Manager’ and select the contact from your ‘Contact List’ to which you want to assign the image.


Step 4: When you select the contact you will see screen where you are asked if you want to ‘Select Image from Camera’ or ‘Select Image from Gallery  i.e you can either click a fresh picture or choose an existing image on the device. You can also have a ‘Preview’ of how your screen will look the image and can make any changes if you wish and then ‘Save’ the changes.


Step 5: You will be now directed to the ‘Home Screen’ of the app from where you must select the option ‘Activate Ultimate Caller Screen’.


That’s all! You are done!


All the contacts on your phone are now assigned a ‘Contact Picture’. Your selected picture is applied to the ones which you customized manually. But a default image is used for the other contacts. However, you can change the default image to be used from the ‘Settings’ menu.


You must be relieved by now that you don’t need to strain your eyes to look for the name of the caller or to look at the small ‘Contact Picture’ of the caller.


‘Ultimate Caller Screen’ saves your eyes the above trouble by enabling a full screen caller ID image for all of your contacts, some customized and some default.


So, we strongly recommend you to try out this ‘Ultimate’ app and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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