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Passbook Wallet Apps for Android Phones

Wallet’,previously known by the name ‘Passbook’ is a fantastic app which allows you to store in your phone all the digital passes to your flights,movies and also your reward cards.

Android users feel envious towards iPhone users for various reasons but this one is definitely one valid reason to feel so!

But do you think that Android isn’t as powerful as iOS? If yes,then we must tell you that you were wrong all this while!

Yes,now even Android has the likes of the apps which were earlier available only with the iOS.

These apps also include these ‘Passbook’ kind of apps.

These apps can be really useful when you are traveling to various places.

You can carry at the same time your flight tickets,reward cards and movie tickets as well. It also helps you lessen you carry-on stuff due to the reduced paper-mess.


Also it makes you look very organized,this is because you can save the digital passes in a sorted fashion.

Given below are two powerful Android apps which are no less than the iOS ‘Passbook’ or ‘Wallet’ app:


  1. Pass2U Wallet: This is probably the best passbook app available for Android users.This app has all the passbook categories sorted on the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen.Here you can store your passes in an organized manner.When in a hurry you can also search through these categories for a pass with a particular name to save time. When you download a pass online i.e via e-mail,they are added instantly without any effort from your side.

If you visit the ‘three-dot’ menu you can add to the app all the digital passes that are already available in your internal memory and SD Card.

One key feature of this app is that,if you click on a digital pass it gives you an option to make it visible to you even while ‘Lock Screen’ is on!

How cool is that! Which means that you can now make transactions in a much less fidget-y manner!


  1. Pasbuk: Pasbuk is another great app for storing and carrying digital passes.This app also has on it’s sidebar various categories to sort and store the digital passes. You can scan the passbook QR code to add the pass to the app or you can download the digital pass through the web or via e-mail. The only sad part is that you need to add all the passes to the app manually,it does not take directly the passes when downloaded. All the information regarding to the passes can also be added to ‘Calender Events’ as per your schedule when you will be needing them. Also,if you tap on the ‘three-dot’ menu at the top right corner of the screen,you will find that the latest and most new digital passes are present on top to make your transactions more easy and handy.

Though this app does not have all the advantages of ‘Passbook’ or even ‘Pass2U Wallet’,it’s own unique features make it a very strong and amazing app in itself.

SO friends,these were the apps which are providing the toughest competition to the iOS app ‘Passbook’. The availability of such apps with Android which provide interface and features almost similar to those of iOS apps are really making Android stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Apple’s iOS

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