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How to Pronounce Name Correctly – Websites That Will Help You

Isn’t it annoying when people just can’t pronounce your name properly?

Of course,it is! And it is as annoying as it to you, to the other people whose names you cannot pronounce properly!

Have you felt really helpless and embarrassed when you didn’t know how to pronounce a particular word in some text you were reading out loud?

Earlier we used a dictionary to look up for the pronunciations of some very difficult words, struggling to still find the right pronunciation between the weird symbols and special characters.

But in today’s online world what is it that you cannot find online? Yes,you guessed it right! It’s pronounced ‘NOTHING’!

Given below are some really powerful and helpful online websites and applications that help you find and master the correct pronunciation of some really difficult words.


  1. The Name Engine: ‘The Name Engine’ is a very sorted and easy to use web application. It helps you find the pronunciations of the names of famous personalities from the fields of sports,Hollywood, business and many more. We mentioned ‘sorted’ earlier, as all the names of famous celebrities have been grouped together under their niche and can be looked up by opening the list of their category. You can also simply search for the names of the celebrities by typing them in the search box.



  1. Hear Names: ‘’Hear Names’ is another helpful website to know the correct pronunciations of some really complicated names. All you need to do is type the name you want to search in the ‘Search’ box and press ‘Enter’. It gives you the pronunciation of the required name along with some additional related categories of the same name. If you do not find the name which you are looking for you can simply send a request for the pronunciation of the name by filling a form.


  1. Pronounce Names: ‘Pronounce Names’ is very much similar to ‘Hear Names’. All you have to do is type the name you want the pronunciation of in the search box and ‘Search’. If you don’t find the name you want, you can request for their pronunciations and also you can submit some pronunciations on your own by uploading them in mp3 or wav formats.



  1. Ingolo: ‘Ingolo’ is an all-rounder website! We said this because it provides the pronunciations not only for names but also for various places, things etc.

When searching for the pronunciation of any name, Ingolo gives it to  you in both the audio as well as phonetic formats. The phonetic format is given by using some alternate combination of alphabets/letters and not just by the means of symbols and special characters.


So folks,today you discovered for yourself some really cool websites and web applications that will help you to be prepared for your next meeting with a foreign client, that too with the correct pronunciation of his/her name.

After all,first impression is the last impression!

Go ahead and make use of all these tools and websites to sound more smart and well versed with any language that come across your way!

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