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Top Best Football Manager Games on Android

Without any doubt, Football is the most popular and most followed sport in the world.


A football manager is the one who manages the players individually and the team as whole as well. Being a football manager may seem a fancy post but is not a piece of cake. You need to take crucial decisions on which the whole game relies on.


Making this one decision may be a result of a ‘several-hours’ session of intense research and study of statistics.


But the Android Application Development community have made this task easy to at least some extent by developing some really great apps for the purpose.


Given below are 5 of the most popular Football Manager Android apps:


  1. Championship Manager 17: ‘Championship Manager 17’ is one of the best Android app for all the football players. It gives you a wide-ranging array of choices of football clubs and leagues. It has as many as 450 clubs and 25 leagues.

This app also provides you with the visual simulation of the matches on your smart-phone which gives you a ‘LIVE’ experience of the match. There is also ‘Training’ section from where you can improvise the skills-set of the players.

The cherry on the top is that this app is endorsed by Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricino Pochettino!


  1. The Soccer Player Manager: This game allows the user to access the app as a player as well as a manager. It was very popular in the 90s and is still popular for it’s interfacing. This app doesn’t use the real names of the football players and thus you need to dedicate some time to get to know the names of the players used by this app.

Many users are sometimes unhappy with the fact that the position of the players as in the ‘best’ or ‘worse’ players are not revealed to them which is some useful information which aids in making some further important decisions.


  1. Football Manager Mobile 2017: Out of all the football managing franchises in the 90s, Football Manager 2017 still maintains it’s top-spot. This app provides you a list of top-notch football clubs from about 15 countries. You need to manage the finances of your team while still maintaining the quality of your team. Quality here means keeping a check on buying of promising players and selling out the ones which do not serve the team anymore.


  1. FIFA Mobile Soccer: Although ‘FIFA Mobile Soccer’ is a fully-fledged gaming app but has a pinch of management to it as well. The graphics and sound effects of the application give you a real world experience of the game. FIFA provides you with a wide range of types of games to choose from which sometimes can be baffling. Finally, you must choose the format in which you possess expertise.


  1. Super-Soccer Champs: Though not much evolved technically, it is still a fun game to be engaged in. It is comes with a ‘Bluetooth-compatible controller’ which gives you a better control over your game. It provides both the ‘top’ as well as ‘down’ view of the football field. It also allows you to ‘manage’ the game from the optional ‘Management Mode’.Super Soccer Champs offers leagues in various countries namely England, Spain, Italy, Japan and others.


Come on now all the football fans out there, pump up your adrenaline to get the most out of these above mentioned football Android applications!

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