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How to Use Android Smartphone as Microphone for Bluetooth Speakers

We all love parties and get togethers. Whether it is a small kitty party or a DJ night, every party is incomplete without music or songs. Speakers are one of the mandatory things for parties. Music lighten up out mood and also make parties more enjoyable. It entertains guests for hours. We often play different games at parties, where the host addresses the audience to tell them rules etc. Suppose you are a host, it is quite obvious that you will need a mic. What if you don’t have mic or the mic you have stops working? Then, you will have to continuously shout to make yourself audible to audience.

Well, don’t worry. There are some amazing apps that will help you to tackle such situations. By using these apps, you can use your Android phone as mic and make yourself audible (without shouting) from the speakers you have.

Firstly, let’s check out the apps that can be used for Bluetooth speakers.

How to make Real Time Mic for Bluetooth Speakers  

While using Bluetooth speakers, one thing you must keep in mind is that there are some system limitations due to which, the sound can be delayed by some milliseconds. These apps will help you when you have connected a Bluetooth speaker to your Android smartphone.

Mic to Speaker

As the name suggests this app helps to use speakers as a mic. It is a very simple app and therefore very simple to use. There is nothing much to tell about this app. Once you download and install it, just open the app. There are only two components in this app to deal with. The Slider and the Talk Off/On button. The slider helps you manage the volume which will be output from the speakers and the Talk On/Off button is what you have to press in order to activate or deactivate the mic. That’s all about this app.

Microphone by Wonder Grace

First download and install the original Microphone by Wonder Grace app. Be safe from the duplicate or false apps. This is also an uncomplicated app to use. It is a mic to speaker routing application in which you can control many things. You can control volume, equalizer of the output and even gain. One of the amazing feature of this app is that it also supports widgets and hence is simpler to use. It will itself mutes if you are getting any call. This is a perfect app for parties. Though initially, if you start using app don’t worry if you hear echoes while adjusting various aspects because you will take some time to get the perfect values.

App which works with Aux Cables

If you are facing any kind of difficulties with Bluetooth then you can get the Aux cable and get a mic using speakers in real-time.

PaMic – Bluetooth PA system

Firstly, you have to wire your phone to the speakers. Then run this app, then just tap on the mic shown after opening the app. It will turn blue, then you can start speaking what you want to. To decrease echoes and noises you can use the two sliders on the top. The one is for the gain and the other is for volume. The nice thing is, this app also works with Bluetooth speakers. Make sure that your Aux Cable is long enough.


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