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How to Use Mi Band on Android

Mi Band from Xiaomi is a great tracking device. You can wear it around your wrist the whole day. This device let’s you track your entire day’s activities such as walking, burning calories and also your night sleep!


The MI Band doesn’t come with a display of it’s own and thus needs to be connected to an Android smart-phone or an iPhone via the MI Fit app available for both Android and iOS.


Attaching the tracker to the band:

When you open the box in which the Band comes, you will find both the items separate i.e the band and the tracker. The band is made up of rubber and the tracker is made of metals, mostly aluminium and it’s alloys.

You need to fit the tracker into the band. If it doesn’t go in easily try some stretching of the band.


Charging the band:

The MI Band comes with a USB cradle meant for the charging of the tracker. What you need to do is , remove the tracker from the band and attach it to the hollow space in the USB cradle. Now, plug the USB cable to the USB slot of your computer, laptop or any other charging adapter of your phone.

You may need to charge the tracker overnight. But once you need charge it for an entire night, you need not charge it again for a month.



Get started with the MI Band:

To get started with the MI Band, you need to download the MI Fit app form the respective stores for Android and iOS and sign up for an MI account. While signing up you need to provide some details such as gender, age, height ,weight etc.


Now, you need to hover the MI Band somewhere near the Android or iOS device to connect it via Bluetooth. If it’s connected automatically, well and good and if it doesn’t you will have to go to the Bluetooth settings and connect it manually.



Using MI Band to disable phone lock in Android:


You can either disable the lock when you are wearing the band or when it is in the range of the Bluetooth of your device as follows:


Step 1: Open the MI Fit app on your device and tap on the ‘three dot menu ’ and select ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Unlock device using band’ and then press ‘Start’.


Step 2: You will be now navigated to the ‘Security’ settings screen from where you can change and enable pattern lock and also will have the option of ‘Smart Lock’.


Step 3: Once you are done with the setting or changing the lock, click on the ‘Smart Lock’ option and then tap on the ‘Trusted Devices’ option.


Step 4: Here, select ‘Add Trusted Device’ then ‘Bluetooth’ and then select ‘MI’ and lastly ‘Yes’.


Now, whenever your MI Band is connected to your phone the lock screen will no longer be visible.


Although you can bring it back for security purposes by clicking on the lock icon on the screen.


So folks, now you are all set to get pumped up with your MI Band. You can easily get the statistics of your daily activities such as walking, burning calories and night sleep (doesn’t work for afternoon naps)on your smart-phone itself!


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